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  • lone oil
    MODCO Industries manufactures closures for the oil and gas industry.
  • California oilfield
    Wellmark liquid and gas controls for a new level of success. Helping oil and gas producers meet their program or pledges
  • California oilfield
    Mayco USA
    Mayco manufactures high-quality oilfield tubular fittings for the oilfield industry and all related markets
  • Central Plastics - Better Picture
    Central Plastics
    Central Plastics delivers innovative and cost effective pipe joining solutions right to your doorstep.
  • Houston Oilfield Equipment
    Houston Oilfield Equipment
    Houston Oilfield Equipment is recognized throughout the world as a manufacturer of quality oilfield products.
  • guages
    WIKA Instruments
    Continues to globally advance pressure and temperature instrumentation technology and applications
  • tanks
    Precision International Guiberson is a leader in the well servicing industry, with a familiar line of workover rig accessory equipment, down-hole accessories.
  • lone oil
    Mahle Filtration
    Known internationally for their superior quality, high efficiency and value

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Best Swivel

For over 40 years, BEST has served the petroleum industry with a large selection of oilfield field equipment for your fracturing, acidizing, cementing, and well testing needs. Manufactured 100% within the USA, you can be confident that from unions to pup joints, plug valves to swivel joints, every item we make is held to the strictest standards and practices.

BEST SWIVEL JOINTS has served the petroleum industry for over forty years and is the world's second oldest manufacturer of swivel joints and related flow line equipment. From swivel joints to hose loops, from pup joints to hammer unions and plug valves, BEST manufactures a large family of products at very competitive prices.


With distributing agents in virtually every domestic oilfield location and several key oilfield areas around the world, BEST offers its customers prompt delivery of critical items, produced to the highest quality standards. BEST products are fully traceable and available with complete third party certification upon request.

BEST products are available for both standard and sour gas service. Sour service products meet or exceed current NACE and API standards. In recent years BEST has expanded its product offerings to better serve its customers. BEST's products now include:

In 2004 BEST acquired the Christy/Gator Compressor line of products. As a result, BEST now offers its customers a whole range of products use throughout the oil and gas industry.

BEST continues to develop and produce products to satisfy the petroleum industry's demand for improved safety and dependability. BEST's flow line equipment, valves and compressors are manufactured in its Houston, Texas facility to critical standards. As a result, BEST is a licensed API 6A facility, having received license 6A-0918, with a functioning quality system in conformance with API Q1/TS 29001:2007-Specification for Quality Programs for the Petroleum, Petrochemical and Natural Gas Industry.

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Our Facilities

MPI Warehouse maintains three stocking warehouses convenient to major production areas.

MPI Casper
Casper, Wyoming

MPI Farmington
Farmington, New Mexico

MPI Williston
Williston, North Dakota

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