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    MODCO Industries manufactures closures for the oil and gas industry.
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    Wellmark liquid and gas controls for a new level of success. Helping oil and gas producers meet their program or pledges
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    Mayco USA
    Mayco manufactures high-quality oilfield tubular fittings for the oilfield industry and all related markets
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    Central Plastics
    Central Plastics delivers innovative and cost effective pipe joining solutions right to your doorstep.
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    Houston Oilfield Equipment
    Houston Oilfield Equipment is recognized throughout the world as a manufacturer of quality oilfield products.
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    WIKA Instruments
    Continues to globally advance pressure and temperature instrumentation technology and applications
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    Precision International Guiberson is a leader in the well servicing industry, with a familiar line of workover rig accessory equipment, down-hole accessories.
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    Mahle Filtration
    Known internationally for their superior quality, high efficiency and value

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Wellmark Cemco Major

Liquid and Gas Controls For A New Level of Success. Established in Oklahoma City in 1981, WellMark® began business with a single product line, a cantilever-style liquid level control. Throughout the following sixteen years WellMark expanded its offering, adding several other oil/gas production-related products. By 1997 we had acquired CEMCO/Major, two companies who were well respected in their own rights, expanding their product offering even further. Today, WellMark® produces a comprehensive range of liquid and pneumatic controls and valves.

WellMark® continues to lead the way, helping oil and gas producers meet their EPA Natural Gas STAR Program or Kyoto pledge of reducing methane emissions by developing environmentally-conscious alternatives to conventional high-bleed pneumatic control devices. These include the industry-renowned MIZER® Pilot Valve – a unique product which painlessly converts many high-bleed pneumatic devices to low-bleed. This patented device is licensed for manufacture exclusively by WellMark and has been successfully employed by many of the world's major producers to substantially reduce their methane emissions, easily and effectively.

Series 9500 Safety Relief Valve

These valves are for general purpose gas and air services, and are recommended for over-pressure protection on separators, compressors, pressure vessels, heater-treaters, gathering and transmission lines, meter runs, and other systems where the rated capacities of the valve are commensurate with the requirements of the system. All of these valves are manufactured in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and have been capacity tested and certified by the National Board to meet the requirements of Section VIII of the ASME Code, as signified accordingly by the symbols UV and NB on their nameplates.

W1392V Vapor Relief Valve

This WellMark Relief Valve is for the control of vapor emissions. It can be used on glycol dehydrator re-boilers to meet EPA standards, or any situation where pressure in ounces is to be controlled.

Cantilever Liquid Level Controls

Series 6900 Cemco Style Cantilever liquid level controls offer design simplicity, easy installation, adjustment, and reliable liquid level monitoring. It is a highly efficient device for the control of liquid level in oil and gas production equipment such as: separators, dehydrators, and treaters, as well as in manufacturing plants, hazardous waste disposal, food processing, water treatment, petrochemical facilities, or wherever fluid levels need to be monitored or controlled. The sensing element design, with no moving parts exposed to the tank or vessel fluid, makes the simple installation of the control possible in various standard pipe closures such as: ANSI flanges and grooved, or union, connections.

Probes & Plugs

These WellMark accessories are for fast, on-location, pressure checks. Use on wellheads, on flow lines and on pressure vessels, or wherever repetitive pressure readings are taken.

Series 1010 Control Valves

WellMark Style control used as a fuel gas control valve to feed the pilot on heated separators, treaters, and other similar liquid accumulators, as well as a low pressure, low volume dump valve on oil and gas production separators, compressors, or any type of liquid accumulator.

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