ACT BioRemediation products

American Cleaning Technologies was established in 1996. At this time, we developed ACT Concrete Cleaner which was a revolutionary breakthrough in bioremediation. It was used to clean up commercial and industrial sites and in a year, we developed ACT Asphalt and ACT Terra Firma cleaner. Shortly thereafter, we developed ACT Absorbent. That lead to the development of ACT Container Cleaner and Corral Cleaner. We are currently working on more revolutionary bioremediation products to be released in the near future. Family owned and operated since 1996.

All of our dry products contain microorganisms that are overseen by a nationally recognized microbiologist. We also do onsite assessments with our industrial hygienist to match our product to specific site requirements if needed. Our bioremediation products are all USDA Biopreferred Certified.

USA Certified Biobased product

ACT’s revolutionary line of products contains microorganisms that penetrate and break down harmful pollutants. Be aware of imitators that just cover the stain and do not remediate the pollutants. ACT bioremediation products® guarantee quality and real results. We have been serving commercial, industrial and residential properties since 1996. Our goal is to “Change the Way the World Cleans” by providing green products to our customers and helping them become a greener force in our world. ACT Terra Firma Cleaner is a dry bioremediation product.

ACT has revolutionized bioremediation by providing a water-less bioremediation product that can be used on soil, concrete, asphalt, metal, and wood surfaces. This product requires no water usage in the treatment of contaminated areas. By using ACT Terra Firma Cleaner we eliminate the traditional way of bioremediation.

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