Endurall rod guides

Originally founded as Down Hole Enterprises, Endurall was formed by two retired firemen from Bossier City, Louisiana in the late 1980s. They had invested a few of their retirement dollars into a couple of oil wells. Plagued by problems from the start, they quickly recognized that if they were going to make this venture profitable, they would have to address tubing leaks in these wells. Not happy with the existing “solutions” to their problem, they came up with a new one. From the bed of a pickup truck to a workbench in a garage, they slowly developed the (now famous) Endurance™ brand rod guide. Their tubing leaks were now a thing of the past and their investment was now secure. Soon, word spread about this new “poly” rod guide. We were on our way!

Endurall Products

By the early 1990s, demand was increasing for our products and services. Anchored by sales of the Endurance™ brand rod guides, our customer base grew from a small region in northwest Louisiana. Eventually, we were serving customers across the United States and had branched into international markets, as well. By the end of the ’90s, the Endurance™ brand was in demand worldwide.

Endurall is the inventor and market leader in poly rod guide technology and was ready to apply our knowledge and expertise to other products, like our new E-Flex Plunger. In an effort to increase production and quality controls, we made the decision to expand.

In 2004 a third partner joined our ownership team. We reorganized the company and became Endurall, Inc. Since that time, we have brought raw material production in-house and have tripled the number of fabrication lines. In 2006, we moved to a new location and now have nearly 13,000 SF of space for UHMWPE rod extrusion, fabrication, plastics grinding & pulverizing, and warehousing.

  • Endurance™ Rod Guides & Installation Tools
  • Endurance™ Plungers
  • Endurance™ brand UHMWPE extruded products
  • Plastics Processing, Grinding, Pulverizing
  • Endurall Mallets

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